Accuracy rate in excess of 92%

Risk Technology is a pioneer in accident detection. Our proprietary accident recognition system ensures that fleet managers receive an accurate FNOL.

Our Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) approved technology uses both advanced accelerometer and sophisticated vibration technology, providing an accuracy rate in excess of 92%.

This radically reduces the number of false-positives often recorded by our competitor's accident recognition systems that fail to distinguish between a real crash and a vehicle running over a pothole.

Accident reconstruction

Risk Technology can also video record the events leading up to a crash, and allow organizations to carry out a forensic investigation of any driving incident.

This solution combines driver behavior, accident detection technology and video recordings to identify any factors which may have contributed an accident. Our LiveCam system ensures that the moments before and after the incident are recorded for analysis.

All of this crucial information can be used to evaluate subsequent claims and mitigate loss.

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